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Our goal is to connect borrowers who are working on turning their credit around and just need a little help getting an affordable apartment, car loan, business loan, or even a credit card for car repairs to keep them working to co-signers who are willing to to make a little money while helping someone out. By saving money, by being able to get credit at lower interest rates with a co-signer, some of that difference in cost to the borrower will then be paid to the co-signer for their assistance or even a monthly fee. Situations and requests will be worked out with a contract on a case by case basis where both borrowers and co-signers are vetted and verified, often through alternative means than simply a credit check. We want to look at recent and long term payment history and payment history on bills that don’t always get reported to credit bureaus or are reported too infrequently. We want to take into consideration emergencies and life events that can explain someone’s poor credit and we want to provide co-signers with additional security via automatic bank transfers, employment information in the event of a need for garnishment and liens where applicable or possible. There are many ways arrangements like this can be very beneficial for both parties. This site, when it’s ready, will allow borrowers to log on and post requests for credit, explain their story and histories, while potential cosigners to post what they’re looking for and they can reach out to one on another. Any contracts or agreements will be vetted through an attorney and notarized. Join us in changing the credit landscape soon!